Coronary heart disease has been dubbed the number one killer in America, taking 2,000 American lives every day. But it can be managed. In Be Heart Smart: Understand, Treat, and Prevent Coronary Heart Disease (Heart Health Books, September 2018), Dr. Waqar Khan provides a playbook to heart health at any age. A great resource for anyone with a family history of CHD or those already diagnosed, Be Heart Smart will give you the knowledge and tools to take control of your heart health…and be a better advocate for your care. Be Heart Smart gives the reader warning signs, symptoms, and treatment plans, as well as healthy diet tips and exercise programs and practices for prevention and treatment of the disease.

“I wanted to find a way to give my patients, and others detailed information they can use to take charge of their heart health,” says Dr. Khan. “This book is intended to offer detailed answers to the questions I hear on a daily basis from my patients in my office.”

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